Desantis Official was established in September 2013 by Jeff DeSantis (Dësantis). Dësantis has been DJ’ing at some of NY’s greatest nightclubs for over 7 years, as well as producing hit remixes and, more recently, hosting his own Radio Show which broadcasts weekly to over 25,000 listeners in over 34 countries worldwide.

Everything is a digital download, there are no shipping charges or tax unless you live in the state of New York.

All Major credit cards are accepted through Paypal. We also accept Paypal direct payments and every transaction is made securely.

Ghost Produced Tracks are delivered instantly via direct download link upon payment. Mixing and Mastering takes between 24-48 hrs from purchase. Confidentially forms are signed and sent upon request to ensure both parties remain intact.

All transactions are done directly through the Paypal merchant system, which is arguably the most secure online payment system currently out there. You are well protected through Paypal.

Depending on what you order a confirmation notice will be sent for payment and another work order will be sent to us. If you purchase a ghost track or sample/preset pack a download link will be automatically sent as well as a receipt for your purchase.

Of course! A full receipt will be sent directly from Paypal confirming your order and a work order will be sent to us. If you are getting mastered or a mix-down, you will be asked to send all audio files and a FLP/Logic Template (for mix-downs). For mastering only just reduce the DB by about -6. We can also recover and cleanup damaged tracks and restore to cd quality (we've all been there and lost project files)